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Training sessions designed for
individual athletes or your sports team.

What athlete doesn't want to get faster, stronger, and more explosive?
EVERY athlete can benefit from the proper excecution of a balanced Strength & Conditioning program. Each Athlete/Sport Specific program gets your body ready for your coming season or competition. With the use of strength-training (Olympic & powerlifting lifts), power movements (Plyometrics, speed-work), and agility drills, you will be transformed into a stronger, more explosive athlete. Your carefully detailed program will include a series of periodizations so that you reach your peak when you need it.

Athletes in every sport benefit from strength-training and proper nutrition. Not only will you be stronger, your body will be less likely to get injured or sick. Training is just half of the battle. Proper nutrition and supplementation can make or break your season. Lasting results are all about recovery. Recovery = Growth. Who wants to sit the bench and watch everyone else getting playing time? Get on the program now!

Champions are made in the off-season, pre-season, and in-season. Train smart and train hard with KSC!