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About Bob Koski

My fitness programs are two-fold. They include a balance of diet & exercise to acheive lasting results. No starvation diets, no hour-long sessions on the treadmill.

Ever wonder how people achieve a lean, healthy body without starving themselves and living in the gym? The answer: an individually planned nutrition & exercise program.

What is fitness?
Fitness is about achieving a total, overall healthy body. It includes: cardiovascular health, endurance, strength,& body composition. You not only look good, but you feel good. You are living the active lifestyle that you have always wanted. You have a ton of mental and physical energy. You stay healthy when others are run-down and sick.

Nutrition Programs:
Otherwise known as the dreaded "D" word. Your diet should not be something that you hate. It should be creative, fun, and give you all of the correct nutrients that your body needs. Just about everyone could be eating healthier right now. Why don't we eat healthier? Convenience foods, misguided information, too large of portions, eating at irregular times. Many people can lose weight by simply eating at different times of the day. Your program will tell you exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it with no guess-work! Your 8-week, individualized program includes one update and revision.

Exercise Programs:
Your individualized exercise program will address your needs.
- Want to lose weight and get-in-shape for summer?
- Want to fit into your clothes after the holidays?
- Have a wedding or reunion that you want to look great for?
- Just want to be a healthier you??

With a balance of weight-training and cardio, you can and will achieve your goals. Take your program to the gym, follow it, and watch the progress. Depending on what level of experience that you have will determine how much and how often you train. In as little as 45 minutes per day, 3 days per week, you can be well on your way. Your 8-week, individualized program includes one update and revision. Call or e-mail now to set-up a FREE CONSULTATION.

Get started now!