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About Bob Koski

Koski Strength & Conditioning

Build a complete program using the
S.P.A.N.S. Training Method.
Let KSC maximize your team's potential!
Specifically designed for your athletic period, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, or track program.
KSC owner/director, Bob Koski will instruct your entire team and coaching staff using his innovative S.P.A.N.S. Training Method.
Demonstrating to you & your athletes the correct form when performing Olympic, Power, and Auxillary lifts. Teaching you what lifts to use, when to use them, and how much. You should NOT be getting weaker as the season ends. Peak when it counts!
Much more than jumping off boxes. What exercises to use and at what stage of the season to use them. The keys to plyometrics are form, frequency, and volume (how many). Learn how many "touches" are enough.
Teaching you how to make your team quicker, faster, and more flexible with the use of innovative drills & techniques. No more wasted steps, proper foot/body alignment, and reduction of injuries can turn a LOSS into a WIN! All sports are games of inches. Your team can be on the positive side.
Learn what to eat & drink pre-season, in-season, and pre-game. How much and when are crucial factors for nutrition & hydration. During the Clinic, each athlete will formulate their own personalized nutrition program. Your team will increase and maintain energy levels when using the proper fuel. No more fading in the 4th quarter. Let me teach you how to utilize the "biggest key to athletic success."
Performing sprints with the proper technique and frequency will help your athletes get faster. Learn what drills will make athletes more efficient runners and which work outs will maximize speed improvement.

Each Athlete and Coach will receive:
~ TOOLS to develop individual and team training programs.
~ INSTRUCTION that will help maximize their potential.
~ KNOWLEDGE that will change their athletic career forever!

Koski Strength & Conditioning


Each KSC Clinic is unique.
Your Clinic will be developed with instructional strategies to fit your team's needs. The Clinic will take place on your site. I will teach you how to utilize your own facilities in order to achieve success. The minimum requirements are:
a grass field and/or basketball court
a weight room
a classroom w/ desks or chairs
Clinics will be held throughout the year with peak dates being in the summer. This will be an experience that will change your team forever! Let my 20+ years of experience and athletic success help take YOUR TEAM to the NEXT LEVEL.
For more information or to request a brochure: