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The KSC Training Manual written by Bob Koski, owner/director of Koski Strength & Conditioning and former two-sport professional athlete.
ISBN #978-1-4243-0918-4
- 2009
- 134 pages
- Paperback with durable plastic cover and binding.
The KSC Training Manual is the most comprehensive training guide available for both the high school athlete and coach. Loaded with pictures, exercises, drills, and how-to pull-outs, the KSC Training Manual outlines Bob Koski's innovative S.P.A.N.S. Training Method. Learn how to build a COMPLETE year-round training program for every athlete and team in any sport.
Chapter One --- Strength Training
Core lifts and variations, auxiliary lifts and variations, developing your program, training splits, strengthening your core area.
Chapter Two --- Plyometrics
Low, medium, and high intensity exercises, upper body plyos, developing your program, sample program.
Chapter Three --- Agility & Flexibility
Pro shuttle,Double Box drill, Triangle cut, Agility ladder, and many more. Stretching exercises, which stretches are best.
Chapter Four --- Nutrition
Intro, macro-nutrients, hydration & electrolytes, pre-season & in-season guidelines, personalized worksheets, sample meal programs, pre-game meal.
Chapter Five --- Speed Work
Volume, intensity, form running drills, sprint start, speed workouts, speed-endurance and endurance workouts.
Chapter Six --- Testing & Evaluation
Which tests to use, testing schedule, team testing sheet.
Chapter Seven --- Building YOUR Complete Program
Goal-setting, athlete goal sheet, time management, sample practice schedule, unification, High School Athletic Period with complete syllabus, contract agreement.
Chapter Eight --- Biography & Appendix
About the author, ackowledgements, strength training logs for all workouts

10th Anniversary Edition
The most up-to-date training manual available!

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